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April 15, 2010


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Washington Nationals launch Tickets@Phone technology, first U.S. venue to use cell phones to gain entrance to events.


Okari Mobile have been using ScreenTicket.


Here in Japan (yes I know, groan) we have been using these for years in the usual unfriendly balkanized Japanese way. Movies, trains, airplanes, concerts, stores. Great to see Apple with their large install base having a go at creating a nicely unified de facto standard.

Just because a patent was offered, doesn't mean that it's enforceable, but with Apple's war chest and lawyers you would be a fool to take them on. I'd expect that these patents will run afoul of several major Japanese companies patents though. Could be interesting.

My last plane ticket was a QR code on my phone.
My last long distance train ticket was an RF token in my phone.

I can already book flights and trains using only my phone, it isn't an iphone and it predates this patent.

This would be great for the 2012 Super Bowl festivities, not only the game, but various events before the big game.

this is very cool... and makes people save paper

If it all integrates with my calendar I'm sold

As long as Apple's service charges are drastically reduced from Ticketmaster's current fee, I am in full support of this new technology.

My dream is to leave my Costanza wallet behind and use my iPhone for everything. I want to leave my house with an iPhone and some cash (I really want to leave with just the phone no cash but..). Not even keys. If you read through this you can see if Apple initiated this, my dream would be one step closer to reality. Thank you Apple.

The O2 dome venue in London uses barcodes on mobile phones for access to a VIP bar, there are already apps for use at concerts. Is bringing this stuff together in Apple's platform unique enough to deserve a patent?

Went to order a ticket here in Portland OR - $45 - Ticketmaster fee= $8.55 !!!


I will bicycle downtown to avoid that fee (although even the box office has a $3 "service fee" I suppose that means the TM fee is only $5.50 - still a rip off! 12.2% tax!

Time to die TicketMaster! Apple - get this out to market ASAP.

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